Life is totally full of hardships that make your life more and more dull day by day. Theres only one thing you should have, being motivated. Motivation is a form of self enrichment that gives you the strength or courage to brave through your daily lives. It is also a key part of emotional intelligence. It ain't hard, you're the one who make it hard. Everything happened must have their roots. Lets pick a hot topic, which is depression.

           One of the biggest factor of depression is influence by the social media. In the era of technology, social networking is revolutionize the way the world interacts each other, and provided many useful tools for the world to explore.

           Social networking sites allow people to communicate and remain in contact with friends as well as meet new people, updating with recent news all over the world and to share some good article. These platform has to be used wisely. Otherwise it might leads to negative impact in life, such as comparing themselves with other self. This is unhealthy habit as they tend to feel less about what you achieved and had in life. As a result, you're going to feel vulnerable and less self-worth and this will lead to depression.

           There are lots of benefits in being motivated. Beside improving yourself to be a better one, being motivated tend us to be more organised, have good time management skills and more self-esteem and confidence to survive within challenges in your life. Furthermore, being motivated absolutely helps to achieve every targets to proceed a successful living in the future. Motivation lead us to behave in every little things you do, which automatically avoid yourself from negative vibes that can ruin your life.

           In a nutshell, this very situation, the only thing that matters is courage and confidence to do that. But sometimes regardless of our hard-work and positive attitude, we have to face the horrible failure in our life. The only solution to overcome the fear of failure and to regain the strength to go along that path again after a failure, each and every person needs strong motivation in their daily life.

          After a time, when you will cross all the ups and downs of life, at that point you will be self sufficient to motivate yourself and motivate the people around you who need them during their bad phases. Motivations are nothing but the conclusions drawn from someone's past experiences which can give a positive result to someone else.

Credit: Assignment class 1/7
            Intake July 2017


Assalamualaikum to all beautiful woman and muslimah!

Masih tercari cari the best saloon in town berkonsepkan muslimah? Selesa, murah dan bertutup? We're here for you girlss! Estilo Beauty Centre menawarkan pelbagai therapy kecantikan dengan harga yang berpatutan dan servis tiptop highclass from our sweet staff. Saloon yang disediakan way too fabulous dan paling penting ialah, selesa dan bertutup!

Kami amat mengambil berat isu relate to aurat kaum wanita. Jom cepat try servis kami dari hujung rambut sampai hujung kaki and leave comments! You won't regret believe us!

p/s Kami tak ambil pelanggan lelaki ya. Lelaki hanya boleh turut serta untuk tunggu wife/fiance/ibu/adik/akak/gf sahaja yang dibenarkan.

Fefeeling untuk manjakan diri, sauna, mandi susu, facial treatment/resdung, treatment rambut, scrub badan and etc, lets! Don't miss this opportunity to be one of our loyal customer!

Spa kami terletak di no33 Jalan Kolam Air, Kota Tinggi sebaris little genius di bangunan baru.

Jom cepat booking slot di spa kami! First come first serve! +078822697

Only at estilo beauty centre we are place where client walk out rejuvenated with confidence, and a place clients will look forward to, so tunggu apa lagi girlss? See you soon!

Mdm Leeya Bamadhaj,
Manager of Estilo Beauty Centre.


14 Principles of Manegement are statements that are based on fundamental truth. These principles serve as a guideline for decision-making and management actions. They are drawn up by means of observations and analyses of events that managers encounter in practice. Henri Fayol was able to synthesize 14 principles of management after years of study, one of it was Scalar Chain.

Hierarchy presents itself in any organization. This varies form senior management as executive board to the lowest level in the organization. Henri Fayol's hierarchy management principle states that there should be a clear line in the area of authority, from top to bottom and all managers at all levels. This can be seen as a type of management structure. Each employee can contact a manager or a superior in an emergency situation without challenging the hierarchy. Especially, when it concers reports about calamities to the immediate managers or superiors.

Source: KPTM Fundamental of Management Book PMG1083

Hierarchy system is very important in any organization so that we know from the lowest managerial level to the top managerial level. As we can see in Henry Fayols's management principle, in this system there is a clear line between the top managerial level to the lowest managerial level. This clear line differentiate the tasks, ability and speciality of the organization. So if anything happen, the lowest can contact the top managerial level diretly and vice versa.



JOB TITLE: Beautician/Beauty Therapist. (EB CENTRE)

JOB LOCATION: Bandar Kota Tinggi, Johor Bahru.

BACKGROUND: Estilo Beauty Centre is the one and only spa with muslimah concept in Kota Tinggi state. We bring out each individual’s beauty potential, and that is why we are a Beauty Gym. Due tu increasing of clients, it is essential to employ a suite beautician who will be able to achieve our targets effectively

REQUIRED BY: February 2015.

JOB SUMMARY: Our beautician will provide a full range of first class facial treatment services, nail care, and hair care to customers that exceed their expectations and lead to repeat visits.

QUALIFICATION: SPM/Qualification in beauty related courses/Diploma.

EXPERIENCED: Min 1 year facial treatment experience in a prestige spa/beauty salon.

-Cheerful, hardworking personality.
-Presentable, well groomed and proactive.
-Proficient in English.
-Experience applicant advantage.

ON-THE-JOB-TRAINING: Candidates should be prepared to receive additional on-the-job training during the initial three-months period of employment.

SALARY RANGE: RM1500 to RM2000 per month.

-Joining bonus.
-Baby bonus.
-Medical claims and incentives.
-Monthly performance bonus.
-Yearly dilligence bonus.
-Yearly loyalty bonus.
-Annual leave.
-Attractive basic salary and commission structure.

-Full-time, part-time, contract and temporary position(s) available.
-Training will be provided.


JOB TITLE: Beautician/Beauty Therapist. (Estilo Beauty Centre)

JOB LOCATION: Bandar Kota Tinggi, Johor Bahru.

BACKGROUND: Estilo Beauty Centre is the one and only spa with muslimah concept in Kota Tinggi state. We bring out each individual’s beauty potential, and that is why we are a Beauty Gym. Due tu increasing of clients, it is essential to employ a suite beautician who will be able to achieve our targets effectively

REQUIRED BY: February 2015.

JOB SUMMARY: Our beautician will provide a full range of first class facial treatment services, nail care, and hair care to customers that exceed their expectations and lead to repeat visits.

-Time will be spent working in spa settings.
-Expect exposure to potentially harmful chemicals used in various hair treatments.
-Majority of time will be spent on foot, working with people on a daily basis.
-Expect to work long hours and even weekends.
-May be on call to fill the roles of other team members who are unable to report for duty.

-Able to promote skincare products to suit clients' needs.
-Provide professional advice to customer.
-Makes professional recommendations on products, treatments and packages to customers.
-Handle customers’ requests and inquiries when necessary.
-Perform hands-on facial/treatment when necessary.
-To monitor and follow-up to customer’s treatment and skin condition improvement.
-Ensure and maintain counter cleanliness at all time.

- Hair Salon Equipment.
- Skin Care, Facial & Micro Dermabrasion Equipment.
- Massage Tables & Body Care Equipment.
- Locker Room Equipment & Spa Accessories.
- Hydrotherapy, Thalassotherapy, Whirlpool Baths and Shower Systems.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Fresh graduates are welcome.


Hi semua! Lets make it clear and short.

Entry kali ni khas untuk readers yang request supaya akak update post tentang sajak, drama dan lainnya, to be honest... Akak dah sambung study and im deeply sorry sebab tak dapat membantu, couldn't make it for you. Akak faham dan akak dah rasa sendiri perubahan konsep belajar dengan adanya pbs, pt3 ni memang payah. Thats why akak decide untuk share apa yang akak dapat waktu belajar dulu untuk bantu adik yang senasib dengan akak. But actually, benda tu memang banyak membantu in your future, be positive dan jangan mudah putus asa ok? Break a leg students! Thankyou to all readers yang often email saying 'thankyou', 'best', 'terbaik bak angg!', 'sgt membantu' Thankyou so much! Jangan expect akak tak baca tau even non response dari akak, but i do! All of them!

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Dihasilkan daripada getah pohon Acacia yang mengeras menjadi damar berbentuk kristal. Getah yang keras ini diambil daripada batang, dahan dan ranting pohon ini. Kualiti yang terbaik banyak terdapat di sebelah barat negara Sudan. Gum Arab berwarna jernih keperangan, rapuh dan tidak mempunyai rasa yang kuat.

• Membantu menurunkan tekanan darah tinggi.
• Membantu masalah sembelit dan masalah kencing tak lawas.
• Melegakan penyakit gout dan sendi.
• Gum Arabic juga dapat merawat masalah buasir.
• Gum Arabic juga dapat meningkatkan kecekapan insulin untuk membantu pesakit diabetes.
• Membantu merawat pesakit asma, eczema, kelemumur dan penyakit kulit.
• Melancarkan sistem penghadaman dan menyah racun melalui pembuangan najis.
• Membantu penyembuhan bagi pesakit strok.
• Menguatkan antibodi melawan pelbagai penyakit.
• Menghasilkan asid lemak rantaian pendek (short-chain fatty acids) yang membantu penghasilan tenaga kepada tubuh.
• Menguatkan sistem imuniti (daya tahan badan) dan memerangi bakteria berbahaya.
• Mengurangkan kolestrol dalam darah dan juga sebagai antiagen yang melawan pertumbuhan kanser dalam tisu hidup, anti oksidan dan pendinding kepada keracunan hati dan jantung.

• Waktu pagi semasa perut masih kosong.
Jika mahu berpuasa, ambil waktu sahur dan waktu malam sebelum tidur.
• 2 sudu makan (=25 gram) dibancuh dengan segelas (250ml atu lebih) air biasa (bukan air panas/disejukkan dalam peti).                  

Luban merupakan sejenis getah atau damar yang keluar melalui rekahan pokok yang banyak terdapat di kawasan-kawasan beriklim panas seperti di Oman, Yaman, Syria, Mesir, dan sebagainya. Luban juga disebut sebagai Frankincense.

• Bagus untuk ibu mengandung.
• Amat sesuai untuk anak-anak yang lemah daya ingatan.
• Meningkatkan dan menguatkan daya ingatan.
• Membantu melancarkan pertuturan dengan membantu meringankan penggunaan lidah.
• Membantu memperkuatkan penglihatan.
• Mencergaskan fizikal dan mental.
• Merawat dan membantu membina stamina.
• Merawat demam dan kebas-kebas.
• Menurunkan kolestrol.
• Merawat kencing manis.
• Meningkatkan sistem imun.
• Mengelakkan dan merawat kanser.
• Membantu melegakan keradangan dan kesakitan.

• Ambil 3 ulas luban atau kemenyan arab dan kunyah. Pahit luban itu menjadi ubat untuk tubuh.
• Rendam 3 biji luban di dalam air kosong sebelah malam sebelum tidur dan minum air ini sebaik sahaja bangun tidur.
• Mencicah ke dalam madu asli sebagai makanan tambahan di waktu pagi.                       

Salvia Hispanica, atau yang lebih dikenali lagi sebagai biji chia atau chia seed, merupakan sejenis tumbuhan berbunga yang tergolong dalam keluarga pudina dan berasal daripada Mexico dan Guatemala.              

• Meningkatkan tenaga dan daya ketahanan badan.
• Mengurangkan berat badan.
• Melawan kanser payudara dan serviks.
• Meningkatkan kesihatan kulit.
• Mengurangkan tanda-tanda penuaan.
• Membantu merawat kencing manis.
• Menurunkan tekanan darah tinggi.
• Meningkatkan tenaga dan metabolism.
• Meningkatkan kesihatan gigi.
• Menyokong sistem pencernaan dan jantung.
• Membina tulang dan otot yang lebih kuat.
• Bagus untuk ibu mengandung kerana ianya menambahkan nutrien yang hilang kepada ibu dan anak dalam kandungan.
• Kaya dengan anti-oksida(bersamaan 10k vitamin E), fiber, omega-3 fats, protein, vitamin dan mineral (calcium, potassium, magnesium).

• Taburkan atau campurkannya dengan makanan lain.
• Haluskan biji chia menjadi tepung dengan food processor, blender, atau penggiling kopi. Gunakan ia sebagai pengganti atau bahan tambahan tepung.
• Masukkan 1 sudu chia ke dalam segelas (250ml atu lebih) air biasa. Biarkan selama beberapa minit dan minum air tersebut.